Anubis Tattoo Meaning

Resonating with his role as protector of the dead, I’ve chosen to immortalize him on my skin with an Anubis tattoo. This ink is far more than mere art—symbolising guardianship, integrity, and cosmic balance.

Each time I catch sight of my tattoo, I’m reminded of the virtues of living a life of truth and the ever-present belief in an existence after this one.

This article’ll delve into the Anubis Tattoo Meaning, uncovering why this depiction of the Egyptian god is a potent emblem for so many. Join me as we traverse the intriguing mythology behind Anubis tattoos and the myriad design possibilities they inspire.

Symbolism Behind Anubis Tattoos

Anubis Tattoo

In the realm of tattoo symbolism, my Anubis tattoo holds profound meaning, representing my belief in living a just life, honouring the truth, and acknowledging the significance of the final departure.

Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian mythology, isn’t merely an artistic choice for me but a profoundly personal symbol that echoes my values. This tattoo signifies my respect for the dead, quest for truth, and commitment to fairness. It also confirms my fascination with ancient cultures and their wisdom.

The Anubis tattoo reminds me of my life’s journey and ultimate destination. This tattoo isn’t just skin deep; it reflects my soul’s profound beliefs.

Anubis Tattoo 4

Drawing from my fascination with Anubis’s symbolism, there’s a variety of popular Anubis tattoo designs that I’ve come across which beautifully capture the deity’s essence and significance.

The ‘black god’ of ancient Egypt, Anubis, is often depicted as a jackal-headed man, signifying his role as the underworld guardian. Some designs feature him holding the scales of justice, symbolizing his duty of weighing the heart against the feather of truth.

Others illustrate Anubis in a protective stance, highlighting his role as a guardian. Many choose designs that incorporate elements of rebirth, a core part of the Anubis tattoo meaning.

Regardless of the style, each design is a unique homage to this powerful deity and his enduring legacy.

Eye of Horus and Anubis Tattoos

I’ve noticed a growing trend in combining Anubis tattoos with the Eye of Horus, another potent symbol from ancient Egyptian mythology. This blend represents Anubis, the protector of the dead and guide to the afterlife, with the Eye of Horus symbolizing protection, transformation, and rebirth.

This tattoo is a reminder to live a life worthy of remembrance, aiming to leave a lasting legacy. The Eye of Horus, a symbol of judgment paired with Anubis, encourages us to lead lives of integrity and honour.

These tattoos’ intricate design and profound symbolism reflect an innovative approach to the traditional art of tattooing, merging ancient symbolism with modern aesthetics. It’s a striking way to pay homage to the past while making it relevant to the present.

Ideal Placement for Anubis Tattoos

Choosing the perfect spot for your Anubis tattoo is crucial, especially considering the deep symbolism and significance we’ve just explored.

As the weigher of hearts, Anubis, the jackal-headed deity, embodies the concept of overcoming challenges. A prominent spot, such as your forearm or chest, could constantly remind you of this symbolism, fostering personal growth.

Alternatively, an Anubis tattoo on your back could represent your ongoing journey towards spiritual awakening. It’s a bold, innovative choice that commands attention.

Ultimately, placement should reflect your connection to Anubis’ role as a guide and protector in the face of adversity. It’s about finding a place that resonates with your journey and values.

Significance and Benefits of Anubis Tattoos

Having an Anubis tattoo, I’ve found it to be a powerful symbol of protection and guidance and a unique way to express my deep fascination with Egyptian mythology and its rich symbolism. This canine deity, known for embracing death and transitioning souls to the afterlife, resonates deeply with me.

In this tattoo, I find a connection to ancestral spirits, a way of honouring the dead, and a reminder of life’s impermanence. It serves as a constant reminder of life’s cycle, fostering a sense of peace and acceptance. Moreover, its striking aesthetic adds an innovative edge to my style.

The benefits and significance of my Anubis tattoo are deeply personal yet universally relatable, embodying values of respect, protection, and reverence for the afterlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Historical and Cultural Significance of Anubis in Ancient Egypt?

    In ancient Egypt, Anubis was a significant god known for guiding souls in the afterlife. He’s a symbol of protection, fairness, and truth. His image inspires respect for the mysteries of life and death.

  • How Has the Interpretation of Anubis and Its Symbolism Evolved?

    Over time, interpretations of Anubis’s symbolism have evolved. Once strictly tied to death and afterlife in ancient Egypt, it’s now seen as a symbol of protection, justice, and personal growth in modern tattoo culture.

  • Are There Any Notable Public Figures or Celebrities With Anubis Tattoos, and What Do They Signify?

    I’m not aware of any big-name celebs sporting Anubis tattoos. However, depending on the wearer’s interpretation, it’s a personal choice that could symbolize a belief in an afterlife, justice, or protection.

  • Are There Any Potential Cultural Sensitivities or Considerations to Keep in Mind When Getting an Anubis Tattoo?

    Being mindful of cultural appropriation when getting an Anubis tattoo is crucial. It’s best to research and respect Egyptian mythology, as it’s a significant part of their cultural heritage.

  • How Can One Maintain and Care for an Anubis Tattoo Over Time to Ensure Longevity and Vibrancy?

    I’m religious about my tattoo care. Sunscreen is my best friend for preventing fading. I moisturize daily, hydrate, and avoid picking during healing. It’s like preserving a priceless artefact, only it’s on my skin.


So, folks, inking Anubis on your skin is about more than just scoring excellent points. It’s about embracing ancient wisdom, honouring life’s journey, and keeping yourself on the straight and narrow.

Trust me, every glance at your Anubis is a potent reminder: don’t screw up, live honourably, and remember, there’s more to life than the here and now.

Who knew a little ink could pack such a cosmic punch, eh?

Zlatko is a passionate ink enthusiast and connoisseur of body art. With an insatiable curiosity for the world of tattoos, Zlatko has dedicated his life to exploring the diverse realms of tattoo culture, history, and modern trends.

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